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Benjamin moore Deyang Exhibition Hall
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Project address: Deyang, China Project area: 350 square meters
This case is the paint exhibition hall of Benjamin Moore in Deyang, located in an independent storefront in the local building materials city. We analyzed brand positioning and local business models from a business logic perspective. A set of suggestions from design to operational theory has been outlined for it.
Through communication with Party A, he needs a completely different tone from other Benjamin stores. Therefore, we have changed the multi color expression of Benjamin Moore's store. As a top-level coating that has served many top brands in the world, we should abandon the traditional model of customers looking at and buying paint independently, and let colorists do professional color matching. Therefore, there is no need to present too many colors in the storefront itself. We have made great control over the spatial color and instead expressed the texture of different series of paints. And functionality.
As a display space, the first floor prioritizes image and gives it different spatial attributes.
It can be an exhibition hall like an art museum, or a sharing place for various professional aesthetic courses. Even a gathering place for various trendsetters to clock in, we use coatings to express ourselves on different materials, such as stainless steel, floor tiles, plates, steel plates, ceramics, and fabrics. On the one hand, it is also to demonstrate the strong properties of Benjamin Moore coatings to customers, and on the other hand, it is to achieve ultimate spatial consistency.
On the second floor, we are positioned as a functional space for discussions, color matching, and have dismantled a wall to create a large floor to ceiling glass. We have also positioned the color selection area and color selection table in this position, in order to better restore the color itself with natural light and guide professional designers and colorists to make better combinations.
Diversified exhibition halls better enhance the artistic quality of products and the inclusiveness of coatings themselves.


Mu Heji Space Design/Founder/Manager.
Vice President of Deyang Youth Designers Association.
Vice President of the Deyang Executive Committee of the Jintang Award.
National Alliance.