INNOVATION Prize of Home Residential

Beijing Yufu Pickup No.77 Mansion


Interior Design :Jun Zhang
The sun
The natural landscape
Along with the gender



Convenience and comfort, humanity, private ownership, inheritance and slow life
Return to the essence of life
In a fickle society,
Try to be a person who believes in something.
It has its serious value to insist on life,
Believe in ideals and love.
May you hear the flowers bloom and fall in the noise,
Poetry can also be heard in the sound of the city.
"Zen" in his works,
It reflects his precise understanding of space and materials,
It also reposes a good faith in man and nature, and in the future.
Zen emphasizes designers in particular
Values advocated
With simplicity, purity, restraint and humility
Seek comfort and satisfaction.
By reducing material needs,
In a calm and simple space
Get a very soothing feeling.
The design of the whole building is not complicated,
Through the use of simple geometry,
Break through the boundary between indoor and outdoor,
Follow the natural light,
Create rich artistic senses,
Poetic tranquility and softness flow in every corner

Designer: Zhang Jun