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Beijing Westpeak Original Lower Folding Room
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Under the solemnity of the living room, there is an elegant space with ancient charm and carefree style. With neat and elegant furniture, the combination of ancient style and modern style shapes the original attributes of Hongrui Westpeak Style. While continuing the traditional humanistic feelings, it also conforms to the aesthetic living space of contemporary people, carries the field spirit of cultural belief, and is reborn. In addition to the master bedroom, the parents bedroom and the kid bedroom, the family lounge on the basement is equipped with a children's play area and the hostess salon area. Many living spaces play different roles, transforming traditional and modern aesthetic interests into contemporary design, making the whole space elegant and delicate.

Agency: Shanghai GSD Interior Design

Shanghai GSD Interior design Company is committed to the integrated service on interior design and product design for high-end real estate, including sales center and private club, commercial space and hotel, etc. The team has rich project experience and resources to independently develop the customer-made product line, and provides customized design strategies and solutions such as product research and development, soft decoration and display art, etc., so as to offer space aesthetics with ingenuity.