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BEIJING CAPITAL LAN Xirui Museum of Humanities and Art


Less is more -----Ludwig mies van der Rohe
Ludwig mies van der Rohe is a pioneer of modern architectural style. Mies adheres to the architectural design philosophy of "less is more", and advocates the new concept of mobile space in handling techniques. This design philosophy of "less is more" leads the fashion trend of modern architecture, but also opens the door of modern architecture art.
Door-the Opening Way of Art Museum
"Gate" is not only separated by space, its strength is enough to let people seem to shuttle in time and space, as time tunnel divides the past and the future. Through the doors of time, which shows the wonderful world of all-embracing, behind the doors will be the eternal light, colorful sky and gorgeous world. And the "door" is the entrance to the time machine, the best way to the past and the future.
The Xirui Palace focuses on building the door of time and space representing unlimited hope and fantasy. With the new triumphal arch in Paris as the main story line, the whole space is divided into three parts: the door of hope, the door of exploration and the door of the future. They symbolize victory, future and hope. It is fascinating and gives people a rich sense of multi-dimensional space.
The Gate of Hope: The Museum of Humanities and Art with the Coexistence of Serial Sense and Ritual Sense
Open the door of hope, natural and concise marble material outlines the space itself atmosphere simple temperament. Combining the interior space with the architectural design philosophy of "less is more", we can create a more layered interior space feeling, which reflects the temperature and unique feelings of Humanities and art in rationality. The solemn atmosphere of this art museum is vividly displayed by the unique temperament and ritual reception space. Here, calm down, feel the design ideas and life attitudes that the architect Mies wished to convey to the world a hundred years ago, feel the profound cultural connotations brought by space, feel the unique artistic charm in modern times, and feel the life yearned for in everyone's heart.