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BEGGI Nasal spray
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The improvement of public health awareness has brought about higher nose care needs for alleviating nasal discomfort and rhinitis. However, traditional manual and electric nose washers require users to prepare physiological saline, and have the risk of chocking water and puncture. In this connection, this product adopts innovative structural design and new materials to solve the shortcomings of traditional nose drops and ointments , which are difficult to use and easy to hurt the nose, providing users with a safe and comfortable nose washing experience.
The product has adult version and children version according to the applicable population, and its sprayer looks like an elephant trunk. The children version innovatively applies the third generation flexible rubber technology to the nasal spray field, and the nipple-shaped head not only avoids excessive penetration into the nasal cavity, but also ensures that the nasal mucosa is not punctured. The adult version adopts an brand-new adjustable head, which allows users to use umbrella-shaped or column-shaped heads according to their needs, and employs E-TECH protection wings to prevent scratches caused by penetrating into the nasal cavity.
Considering the uneven water flow of the manual nose washer, this spray is the first to produce water at constant pressure. Combined with the gas-liquid separation structure and the micro nano diffusion system, it achieves continuous pressing, uniform water flow as well as stable and comfort cleaning impulse. Furthermore, the product also adopts an ergonomic small waist design to ensures a comfortable grip.
These innovations improve the comfort of nasal washing, effectively reduce user ' resistance to nasal washing, and have a positive impact on developing the habit of regular nasal washing and reducing the probability of illness.

Agency: Chongqing Tianyu E-commerce Co., Ltd

Chongqing Tianyu E-commerce Co., Ltd is an Internet company focusing on the field of rhinitis big health. Due to the founder's care for families with nasopharyngeal cancer, it is determined to build a leading brand of rhinitis in China. Nasal Spirit uses the Internet and big data to innovate and develop professional, reliable and comprehensive rhinitis products. New electricity + + retail category for the pattern innovation, to create a high and new technology enterprise with continuous innovation ability characteristics The shareholders of a company with in 100 to apply for patents, developed children sterile physiological sea water Handheld electric nasal irrigation Bacteriostatic washing salt Nasal towel paper and a series of innovative products, by the love and esteem of rhinitis patients.