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Pushing aside the clouds, I see the stars at last
The World Trade Building store of "Haiwan Huixing" is located in Huangpu District, Shanghai, adjacent to the Bund to the east and People's Square to the west. It can be called the "top configuration" of Shanghai office buildings, with transportation and supporting facilities that live up to the prosperity, overlooking the "Lujiazui Three Piece Set". The project itself is located at the height of the 40th floor, giving people a feeling of soaring in the sea of stars
Transition from luxury to personalization From Stylization to Artistic Scenarioization
Antonio Gaudi
Spanish architect, a representative figure of the plastic architecture school, belongs to the architectural style of the Art Nouveau period. In religious society, he is known as the "architect of God".
Spanning three centuries, the Tower of Notre Dame was adorned with the last shining morning star - Bethlehem Star
LOGO - Using the Star of Bethlehem as an element, the overall spatial design integrates form, meaning, light, and more.
The shining starry sky top presents an unparalleled romance and mystery in the dark night. Create a rich visual hierarchy, integrate artistic curves into modern style spatial design, and revitalize life's novelty and exploration.
The scattered crystal beads are embedded on the wall, creating a beautiful posture of rain and dew falling to the ground, sparkling under the light. The ground is decorated with Prada green and snowflake white marble in a diamond shaped pattern. Construct a calm and dignified welcoming space.
The public passage for circulation is the place for the game of light and shadow, with a customized starry sky pattern art transparent cement floor and a top mirror stainless steel surface that extends the space. Let's have a visual feast of the Milky Way universe.
The private room nameplate and the beautifully designed private room door handle indicate that the luxury of entering by pushing the door is about to come.
Imagination and art endow the space with a unique soul, and the shape continuously advances the expressive power and extensibility of the space. The most eye-catching curve top shape is inspired by the "starry vortex". The sense of rhythm gives people a fearless imagination of exploration and an experience of artistic interaction. Drawing on the beauty of the streamlines in the starry sky, the rigid beams and columns have been softened.
The interior space of the private room is decorated with metal wire wall coverings that mimic the silhouettes of the starry sky. The column details are embedded with soft lighting strips along the line direction, and the walls are made of wood, with semi transparent natural marble. The layers are more diverse, creating a stronger artistic atmosphere through symbiosis.

Agency:Hangzhou Kennametal Interior Design Co., Ltd

KND Hangzhou Kena Interior Design Co., Ltd. was established in 2009, mainly engaged in interior decoration design and soft decoration procurement for hotels, sales centers, model houses, commercial spaces, private homes, clubs, and office buildings.
The company always adheres to the service philosophy of "quality first, professional persistence, and continuous improvement", and the design philosophy of "being refined in heart and simple in form", striving to provide customers with comprehensive and high-quality design services, and endowing products with higher value with passion and inspiration. The vitality of a company stems from its core creativity, which is also the driving force for its development and innovation. It is the core competitiveness of the company. Only by maintaining the originality of design works can we maintain the freshness of design thinking and help homeowners stimulate more social effects and value.