Best of Villa Space

Egret Golden Shore


When meet our normal life space for the design, then I care more about life in the land of the people, is the happiness, is to live in the present moment, quiet mind also become our soul in the billowing world of mortals, and thus meet the contemporary Chinese humanistic feelings, in this scheme to meet nearly a view, far thought there is a feeling and the steps of slow down in the depths of the soul's desire to be able to meet.
When you walk into this door, you will feel as if you have come to an outdoor peach garden. There is not only the place where the literati belong in their hearts, but also the quiet and natural environment. There is a sense of each scene and each scene in the author's pen. In the landscape, I forget time and feet, and I also look at the ground pattern which is actually collaged according to the aesthetics, a few undecorated pine and bamboo, the shape of the lamp and the simple lines on the lamp. The warm light of chrysanthemum is dancing on the road and shining on the stone road... I like these little details very much. All my feelings are derived from my love of design and life. Experience this from east to west rich and small to see big visual experience, or may be surprised here only a few hundred square meters area
The appearance of the wooden house seems to have already been here, especially there is a trace of primitive originality. But since it is already here, let it continue to grow in the space, is also another kind of tribute to life. The guests are paired with the green pine and green bamboo, melting themselves into the landscape to warm up the space, thus forming an energy field.
I like this space a little more, because the circulating water landscape is progressive layer by layer, the water falls one after another, the water waves with the water waves shaking the lights and the night, like the stopped space and time and like the heart without a place to live. Tawny machine glass and light hanging above the table, reflecting the pool that water, chat for a long time trance, some can not tell the top and bottom. The relationship between leather and marble borrowing copper to bond hard and soft is a harmonious combination. The entrance is stretching the partition of double gauze to match the figure that gives old picture scroll, exceed to resemble outside, get its annulus, face is concealed, all things xing appears.
Plain bamboo railings, dark sand courtyard, full of wisteria flowers blooming in front of the eyes. This is the exact entry
And, of course, the sight could be faintly discerned outside the steel plate on the fresh foundation. No matter how many come in Few times, I still like this bamboo steel entry device is very, hollow-out, tortuous, not tough not raw, no Deliberately create a sense of distance, then wide acceptance of all kinds of breath, then more can pass you.
Few times, I still like this Design is a kind of language, a kind of symbol, a kind of moving from nothing to the heart, like a poem The language is condensed into every word, and when you feel it, you can write down the feeling, It's a poem if the language is concise, and the end of the design is a poem.

Designer: Lei Feng

This is a designer who graduated from environmental art design and has been engaged in design for eight years. He loves designing and is not creative.