INNOVATION Prize of Home Residential

Bailu Home


Case Address: Chengdu LUSEHILLS International Community
Chief Designer: Haoling Yu
Soft Suit Design: Qianyu Liu
Executive Design: Qian Yin
Soft Suit Assistant: Jing Tang
Completion Date: October, 2017
Space Photography: Qilin Zhang
Wall Lamp: Artemide
Ceiling Lamp: EICHHOLTZ
Tea Table: Classion
Single Chair: Poliform
Sofa: Flexform
Floor Lamp: Ligne Roset
Western Kitchen Lamp: Tom Dixon
Dining-table: Casamilano
Dining Chairs: Minotti
Bed: Poliform



This project is located in the LUSEHILLS international community in Tianfu new district south of Chengdu international city. Due to the positioning of the community is mainly focusing on the traditional American villa, the spatial structure of the community is quite different from the modern life style of the Chinese people. In order to solve this kind of problem, the designer made creative changes to the space with turning and transforming an originally 600 square meter hardcover American villa into a modern villa of 1000 square meters. Being choosing the white as dominant hue, it is clear and transparent with making a beautiful and flowing artistic movement.
The mermaid sculpture seen immediately upon entering the house is elegant and intelligent as if it were welcoming every visitor.
The white staircase winding upwards abandons the original edges and corners and adjusts the radian and straight lines with adopting transparent glass and matt gold handrails. Circling back and forth, it seemed as if the beautiful melodies were solidified. Being combined with the silent piano hall, each step which was like a note and each inch of armrest which was like a rhythm formed a beautiful music that was in harmony with making the whole space acquire a unique beauty of music.
As a natural transition zone between the entrance and the room, the piano hall is extending the space and making the visual field more transparent.
The living room continues the white space tonality with arousing people's various associations of tolerance and modernity as well as high-level sense and so on.
Temperament construction of space
The concept of "restaurant" in the traditional sense is blurred. According to the specific life style, a banquet hall with two owners and 14 guests at the same time is designed to meet the irregular cocktail party with different themes and create a high level sense of ritual in life.
Accompanied by the toast of the guests and the fire rising in the midst of the clamor, this place naturally became the social occasion for gentlemen, where the eloquent conversations continue to unfold. Additionally, the natural stone skin is used as a partial wall body with excellent three-dimensional texture showing elegant hale and hearty aura.
Multifunction of space
The simple main bedroom is composed of pure two-color blocks and actually possess the warm, quiet and leisure traits.
The rooms full of young girls' style are almost all furnished and set up with warm circular arc contact surfaces and the clean metope as well as the bright fresh household decoration articles. Besides, the whole transparent glass window just introduces unlimited natural scenery and thus make the powder and white color more tactful and lovely under the halo of sunlight.
For the sake of providing the platform of leisure, conversation and entertainment to the living members, the family hall, which is an enlarged public area that can accommodate diversified existence, has become the place for the emotional interaction of the family members with the completely neutral use of atmosphere color and household shape so as to allow life to return to its original nature.
Modern international paradigm of space After the space was transformed, it showed a modern minimalist style and interactive functional zones which made the space more fully utilized. The embellishing artworks of the place and the overall white tone made the whole space full of elegant and simple atmosphere as well. Besides being fashionable, it is also full of international style.

Haoling Yu

Haoling Yu, a practitioner of life aesthetics and a senior interior architect, who has been engaged in the interior design industry for 20 years. She is the founder and design director of Sichuan Shangshe Life Design, the founder and design director of Studio.Y Yu Haoling Design Firm, the founder and creative director of Lingshangshe Exhibition Art Museum.