Best of Home Residence

Greenbelt · Harper· 301


The material, configuration, line, color matching, body proportion and structure of each space in this case have been carefully studied and screened. In the design, we began to look for a new aura and atmosphere, which can be a kind of Zen of life or a kind of natural aesthetics. Brush off the noise and noise, return to the simple state of mind, mountain scenery quietly into the residential space. The stable and introverted color of the window frame outlines the space lines. It deliberately matches with the slightly warm wood materials to soften the masculine and cool colors, and creates a warm and warm atmosphere at home. It goes up to the private sector and continues the wooden calling color full of Oriental Zen in public space, rendering the elegant artistic conception of book fragrance and light ink marks.

Designer: Yuan Haigen

Design Idea: Design comes from life, design embodies human nature, considers people's feelings, people's feelings of color, sound, smell
Graduated school:Xi'an University of Architecture and Technology.

Bachelor degree.Environmental Art Design
Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts Environmental Art Design

Work experience:
Since June 2013, he has worked in the decoration design Nanchang branch of Shenzhen Kang Zhi Ju, one of the design directors.
In April 2013, he worked for -5 Yi Cheng(ECS) International Architectural Design Consulting Co., Ltd. as director of design.
From December 2009 to April 2013, he took up the post of Chief Designer of Hong Kong Gawain Architectural Design Co., Ltd.
2018 he won the award of "the top ten outstanding designers of the year"
2017 was the source of IFI design. World view "the top ten design figures of the year"
2017 awarded the "top ten villa" award for the International Space Design
Competition ecological Award
2017 International Asia Pacific award Invitational "award" award
2016 International Asia Pacific award Invitational "award" award
2016 was "nest Award" finalist award Jiangxi Province in 2015 to obtain "Top Ten
title villa" award
2015 Won the "AET prize" award of the International Space Design Award
2015 was "Ait" Award Jiangxi Province in 2015 to obtain "Top Ten title villa" award

Best of Exhibition Space

Maker Experience Center


The project is located in Donghu Digital Town, the first digital industrial town in China. This digital town is not only a member of Fuzhou new area big data innovation and entrepreneurship industry alliance, but also a partner of the first digital China Construction Summit. As a demonstration point of national entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, we are here to create a smart and high-value experience space for young entrepreneurs.
In the context of big data, artificial intelligence and globalization, the development of new technologies has brought challenges to young entrepreneurs and created infinite possibilities. The orientation of the project is to be young, scientific and intelligent, and to plan and design a maker experience center integrating experience, technology exhibition and leisure experience. This new experience mode can make people get rid of the shackles of time and space.

Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd.

JUND Architects entered Chinese market in 1997 and was formally incorporated in Shanghai in 2005. The company officially renamed as Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. in 2017. At present, JUND Architects has branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei and Fuzhou with architects from around the world, including Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. With teams of award-winning architects from all over the world, Large amount of design projects of JUND have been recognized with prestige awards, such as the WAF, AIA IR, Gold Nugget, Mipim Aisa, Creation Award of ASSC, Best Hotel Design Institution of China, etc.

Best of Commercial Space



The evaluation of the excellence of a design work should not only be limited to its ‘beauty’, but also include humanistic feelings, future prospects, and even criticism of contemporary aesthetics.
In the sample reel On Dreams-Refinement, a large number of steel structure (metal), jazz white (stone), mirrors, and anti-dazzling lights and other custom light sources are utilized, which is intended to express a collision between reality and illusion in which another spiritual hierarchy is melted.
The words "strength" and "art" are seldom mutually related. However, in this set of works, the skillful combination of strength and beauty not only maintains the substance of the gym, but also perfectly combines artistic expression, which endows customers with diverse points of view towards fitness industry.
In the present case, the design attitude of "following the trend" is adopted, which is carried out under the condition of preserving the property of the building and combining with special circumstances. The approach of ‘Dense willow trees and bright flowers’ with traditional Chinese characteristics is employed for space division. Under reasonable arrangement of surrounding layout and focusing lights, users can gain dreamlike sensory experience in the indoor environment where there was no lighting to start with.
The design itself can not truly change one's cultural essence or quality habits. However, it can guide the future trend.
Design is not the present, but the prospect.

Designer: Tim

In 2010, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Hubei Institute of Fine Arts; under Professor Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts; in 2012, founded Wuhan Tianshi Workshop Art Design Co. , Ltd. ; founder of Tian Design Office, mainly engaged in interior design, interior and Exterior Wall Painting, arts and crafts display and other art-related work, committed to creating the Han art of the new cutting-edge school. Representative works are: Greenland Sislai Mansion, Wanda Gym, Greenland Central Plaza, Baihuijing Bar, m + Shopping Plaza, China Construction Bank —— Huazhong Information Resources Building, administration and Commercial Building of Guangfa Bank building (Wuhan) , flagship store of Xuanwei Wuhan, image store of Hehe Datang in central China, Office of Chairman of Golden Monkey Group and National Image store, overall planning and transformation of fashion industrial park of Catman Group, Guangzhou Fitness Club, etc

Best of Commercial Space

DS salon


Party A in this case is a group of post-90s young entrepreneurs, with a pure dream pursuit heart, only for their customers to bring a relaxed, pleasant, comfortable hairdressing experience. It is located on the edge of Guiyang City, is a service end customer hairdressing shop, the main customer group is about 30 years old young customers. With the ideal of Party A, I began a dream planning... The main core idea of this case is: transfer safety, freedom, comfort, which also compound my design values. At the door of the Roman samurai sculpture, is to hope that the customer into the "Ds salon" moment, the heart is safe, can enjoy the comfort and beauty brought by hairdressing. At the door of the plant, that is hope, hope "Ds salon" like a sapling, constantly experience the process of wind and rain, constantly grow, it also adds a lot of vitality to the entire peripheral environment. As soon as you enter the "Ds salon"", it is an aisle, an arcuate corner aisle, it is like an interesting" runway ", you do not know who you will meet at the corner, making the whole space mysterious and interesting. The "cool dog" sculpture at the corner of the aisle looks at you silently, as if waiting for you to go home, as if guarding everyone in the whole space, it is cold but loyal. Its appearance makes the security of the whole space sublimate again. The water drop chandelier above the cash register echoes the glass brick on the wall of the washing area, as if the rainy day is through the glass window, quietly listening to the sound of raindrops, making people very relaxed lying on the washing bed, Enjoy the quiet of rainy days and the comfort of shampoo. The arc-shaped ceiling above the attic, like a wave flowing to us, makes people want to embrace it with open arms... The whole space green interspersed, it is like a glass of ice water mint ", in the hot summer or when the mood is not beautiful, I hope to bring you a little cool... A tiny space in the last 40 m², with nine haircutting places, five washing beds, three ironing places, customer sitting area, cash register, water bar, storage cabinet, designer tool cabinet, product cabinet, towel cabinet, storage room, toilet, cleaning room...

Designer: Tian Xi

Tian Xi, a post-90s designer, transformed the design industry from a carpenter before 2011, Nine years of continuous accumulation, always adhere to the creation of "good" space, with a different understanding of housing and business, reinterpret the space experience in a modern way. Housing: the combination of order to create a home "good space "—— suitable for the owner of the space, suitable for the housing itself space. Business: build "good space" in the form of construction —— give customers the best sense of experience, so that Party A continues to profit. Founded in 2020," Fanli Space Design Studio ", with "create a more warm aesthetic space" design ideal, dedicated to architectural appearance, space design, soft customization, art customization and commercial design and other fields. Has won: International Space Design Award "Innovation Award ", search for space wizard" Design Gold Award "and so on Design concept: give space security, freedom, comfort, and life aesthetic and sublimation! About the designer: has the sound mind quality, according to the Tao, achieves the goal, simultaneously has the happy freedom and even the complete consciousness life.

Best of Office Space

Creation and thinking Light – Hengli Suzhou Center Global Operations Headquarters


In modern cities, there are many high-rise buildings, and reinforced concrete has created people's rigorous and orderly office scenes. How to make people release their bodies and minds and maintain vitality in fast-paced and high-speed work, so that the office space has both functional attributes and comfortable experience. The starting point for the design of this case. The designer Mr. Gamma thinks that: light is the best stimulant, which can regulate people's emotions, invigorate the spirit, improve the taste of life and work efficiency, and improve various physiological functions of the human body.
Designer Gamma applied the concept of man-made "sun", cosmic energy, and infinite light to the creative thinking of this case. At the same time, it symbolizes that Hengli Group, a Fortune 500 company, is advancing with the times, developing vigorously and full of vitality. Pursuing ecological, environmentally friendly, simple, modern, and comfortable design concepts, the relationship between points, lines and surfaces adopts the design techniques of interior architecture, which is relaxed and strong. Reject luxury and complexity, and create a natural, harmonious and upward space atmosphere.
The design of Hengli Suzhou Center Global Operations Headquarters not only has a strong sense of modernity, but also emphasizes the high-efficiency, professional and pragmatic characteristics of the enterprise with simple design techniques.
The road is simple, simple and extraordinary. The elevator room is made of marble, fish maw white stone board, and stainless steel imitation copper board. The simple material is simple and full of artistic texture. In the open space design, it is placed on the cutting-edge trend of contemporary design. The ground and the roof form a mirror effect that reflects each other. Fashionable linear light strips and facade lines cut the space in an orderly manner, constructing an infinite extension of space vision.
/Reception area
The overall appearance of the reception area at the front desk is open and intuitive, empty and clear, reflecting the elegant, restrained, calm and atmospheric oriental charm. The artistic grid shape is used as a partition to sort out the relationship between the building form and space in an orderly and flexible manner, so that the function and temperament of the space are integrated.
The space is left blank, the designer uses the poetic spirit of the Eastern style, elegant and lofty, presenting a concise and elegant contemporary aesthetic texture, creating a harmonious and comfortable humanistic experience in the space. The circle represents infinity, and the large dome light strip makes the space more bright and transparent. The shape of the wood and the texture of the stone correspond to each other, condensing the expression of nature by the oriental elements, in simplicity without losing dignity.
/Chinese restaurant
The concise and beautiful colors convey the elegant and elegant temperament. Large floor-to-ceiling windows make the entire space more transparent, integrating lighting, ventilation and physical comfort.
/Office of the Chairman
/General Manager's Office
The wide field of vision in the space design triggers infinite reveries and reflections, and the sunlight and scene outside the window are fully visible, creating a rich and spacious atmosphere. There are hills in the chest, where lofty and strength are gathered, time is waiting, and more calm. The simple artistry of the space is a design temperament pursued by the designer. The simple Chinese office furniture and oriental elements present a solemn and high-end texture and a calm and introverted oriental temperament.
Tea room
The tea room creates a simple, quiet and elegant, natural and simple conversation and communication scene. The space here is a kind of abstract concreteness, a kind of feeling, a kind of mood, a silent meeting between the literati's interest and the realistic demands.
Rooftop reception hall
The reception hall space still continues the basic humanistic color and quiet and elegant temperament, adopting concise lines and simple and elegant materials, showing a low-key gorgeousness. The landscape paintings on the walls have unique meaning, removing the complexity and noise, and flowing but quiet and beautiful. The concise artistic partition enriches the sense of hierarchy in the space and emphasizes the communication, penetration and integration of the internal and external environments. People can relax and chat, share wine and delicacies here.

Beijing Shangshui decoration design Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd

BLDD Shangshui, Gamma design was founded in 2012. It advocates minimalism and light luxury, advocates and pursues the unity of plain and nature, is loyal to the cultural context of five thousand years of China, and constantly pursues. It creates a traditional model of elegance and creates a simple and comfortable life by integrating traditional and modern innovative international thinking. Professional services national high-end real estate luxury projects, star private owners, design projects include: luxury, villas, large private space, model room, sales office, catering clubs, headquarters office and hotels.

Best of Cultural Building

Fair in nature


The Shanju Market is a single-storey public building located at the foot of Kunzhang Mountain. In the early stage, it served as the exhibition center of the project of Half-soup Spring Town in Overseas Chinese Town, Chaohu, Anhui Province; Later, as customers move in, it will be transformed into a public market in the community. The design concept of "embracing the spring, approaching to the forest and hiding in the mountains" runs through the whole process. Hot spring, the unique natural resources of Chaohu Lake, is the source of vitality for the entire town. In the open front of the building, the designer who uses traditional techniques in the Japanese garden, compares white sands to hot springs, making sands intersect with vegetation in a way of curves to convey a gentle charm. Meanwhile, the simplicity of white gives us a pure and comfortable feeling. Such a beautiful place is also suitable for outdoor art exhibitions, cultural exchange activities, and theme parties.

JUND Architects

JUND Architects entered Chinese market in 1997 and was formally incorporated in Shanghai in 2005. The company officially renamed as Shanghai JUND Architects Co., Ltd. in 2017. At present, JUND Architects has branches in Beijing, Shenzhen, Chongqing, Hefei and Fuzhou with architects from around the world, including Asia, North America, Europe and Australia. With teams of award-winning architects from all over the world, Large amount of design projects of JUND have been recognized with prestige awards, such as the WAF, AIA IR, Gold Nugget, Mipim Aisa, Creation Award of ASSC, Best Hotel Design Institution of China, etc.

Best of Hotel Space

Yueting Residence Inn no. 89


In this case, the design of the hotel incorporates natural elements into the interior and reinterprets the new concept of surprised silence wind.
From the introduction of the unique shape and handle elements, the texture of the rusted plate, the hall marble of the cave stone texture, and leaves, veins, roots, these natural fresh elements make the space to give new vitality. The application of metope and ground cement lacquer continues the elegant quiet of the style. The ceiling USES wooden fake beams interspersed with the modern combination to give the original quiet atmosphere the texture of the art space, which makes the tourists can't help but want to explore further and gain a new understanding of the original concept of the hotel.
Due to the limitations of the original building, the narrow corridor creates a new visual effect through landscape construction and circular ceiling lighting treatment. This subtle artistic sense balances the solidification atmosphere of the narrow space and combines movement in quietness, thus allowing travelers to find the relaxation of heart and spirit.
Different guest rooms follow the overall design style and use in satisfying functions to improve the comfort of tourists. The semi-open layout of smooth talk, wash gargle and toilet, increased the interaction of each area and connection, borrow measure to try to adjust, free fully appear again proper, stylist looks from big place, small place brushstroke, the mu Wen of large area rich texture feels and flowing line photograph are united in one, the grace of circle is wonderful, wood is pure and natural. Through soft fitting, natural materials woven and rattan woven into the wall decoration, the space is filled with comfortable and appropriate atmosphere with simple and elegant walls.

Designer: Zhu Mo

In 2012, won the Excellence Award of China Display Art Competition
In 2013, won the third prize of soft decoration design
2015 international space design award @ award
Nest Award of the 7th China International Space Environment Art Design Competition in 2016
Awarded the Asia-pacific Designer Certificate in 2019
In 2019, he was honored as the person of the year of WAD2019 world young designers conference

Best of Furniture Design

LAZY GOOSE JPDesign Children’s Anti-Hunchback Pillow


LAZY GOOSE Children's Anti-Hunchback Pillow is a product designed to prevent bone deformation and improve cervical posture during sleep from the source. Compared with ordinary children's pillow, this product increases the width by 35% - 42%, expands the pillow surface area, increases the activity area, matches with groove quilting and adds physical shielding to effectively reduce pillow dropping phenomenon. sitting for a long time and lowering your head to do homework will increase the burden on the cervical spine, so sleep is the best time to relax the cervical spine.However, ordinary children’s pillows often ignores the care for the cervical spine and fails to scientifically consider the development status and actual needs of children's bones in the growing stage. The design of curvature of the product matches the curve of children's shoulders and necks, and the height of the pillow is suitable for the children. The product provides comfortable support throughout the child's rollover and relieves pressure on the neck. Because children have a strong metabolism and hot body, they are easy to catch cold at night, we use Clusterloft® thermostatic fiberfill pillow core to lock the heat in the bulging "air bag" to create a comfort zone, giving children a good sleep experience.


HANGZHOU KANGHAO YIJIA HOME TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established on November 9, 2015. Legal representative Lu Yao, the company's business scope includes: furniture product research and development, furniture and furnishings, daily necessities, accessories, craft gifts, kitchen toiletries, fabric home textiles, bedding, cotton and chemical fiber products, wool products, down products sales ; Goods import and export, etc.

Best of Furniture Design

Heat-Cycle 95% White Goose Down Quilt


Children have a high metabolism and tend to sweat easily when sleeping with a high body temperature. They are prone to discomfort when covered with heavy quilt, so they repeatedly kick off the quilt and turn over during sleep, which is easy to catch cold. To improve children's sleep quality, we developed the Heat-Cycle 95% White Goose Down Quilt.
Large cluster of white goose down is used for quilt’s internal filling, with a fluffy degree of 800+FP, which has strong air permeability and warmth preservation. The heat preservation effect of this product is very good, and it will not bring extra burden to children's sleep. The original HEAT-CYCLE Thermostat can be combined with the cocoon-shaped design to closely fit the body curve of the children, taking children’s sleeping habits and body structure into account. It thus effectively avoids air leakage and achieves internal thermal circulation. The extra padding on the chest, abdomen and bottom can protect the cold-prone areas and help children sleep peacefully.

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HANGZHOU KANGHAO YIJIA HOME TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD was established on November 9, 2015. Legal representative Lu Yao, the company's business scope includes: furniture product research and development, furniture and furnishings, daily necessities, accessories, craft gifts, kitchen toiletries, fabric home textiles, bedding, cotton and chemical fiber products, wool products, down products sales ; Goods import and export, etc.

Best of Cultural & Creative Products

Double lid Tea Vacuum Bottle


Talking about drinking tea is very natural for Chinese people. After work or study, brewing a cup of tea, watching the rising water vapor, will make you feel relaxed. Nowadays, with the accelerated pace of life, it is difficult to find time between work and life, but many of our living habits can’t be changed, such as drinking tea. Designed for tea lovers, this separating cup separates tea leaves from tea water. Tea brewing by this thermos cup enables you to enjoy the same taste as that brought by traditional technology, but omits complicated procedures and tea sets, thus simplifying the matter of drinking tea.



Its fashionable appearance combines well with modern business style, making drinking tea also suitable for most young people, and helping draw their attention and interest into the tea culture. Those who already have the habit of drinking tea will be very pleased to own such a cup. Uniform cup body color and the cracked ice flower paint confer the cup the aesthetic feeling of sculpture. This product can fit all kinds of living and working environments by its simple and fashionable appearance and independent tea bin design. The integration of tea making, filtering and separation functions enables it to satisfy multiple purposes. Tea can be directly brewed in the inner container or in the tea bin separately, making it convenient for people to enjoy fragrant tea anytime and anywhere.
Brewing tea in the cup and sitting silently by the window is a way to enjoy a pleasant lifestyle. Tea drinking is a traditional element of Chinese culture, but the process of making tea is complicated and tedious. This cup is expected to influence more people, popularize our tea culture and develop Chinese traditional culture by simplifying the tea brewing ceremony.