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Astrolink is an intelligent satellite watch with an external LDS antenna. The watch with an independent built-in operating system, adopts Beidou navigation satellites for precise positioning, precise timing and all-weather physiological analysis with various strength training modes and exercise modes. Thanks to its intelligent management that is stable and reliable, it is an excellent choice for daily commuting and sports training.
This product employs the self-developed low-power Tianshu operating system, ensuring long service time. Its capacitive touch screen supports multi-dimensional gesture control; high-sensitivity photoelectric knobs provide accurate data feedback; borderless menus can make quick response. A variety of intelligent interactive designs are convenient and easy to use, allowing users to enjoy a complete, convenient and high-end experience with ease.
This product is a fast timing watch based on the Beidou-3 system. It has a built-in self-developed Beidou baseband chip and a patented antenna, and supports 45-star full constellation positioning, providing the all-weather 3-second fast timing in a faster and more accurate method. It can also make remote upgrade for softwares on satellite timing equipment. Even in harsh and extreme conditions, the watch can still maintain excellent performance in efficient operation, perfectly meeting the needs of users.
The product features a premium colour scheme. The overall shape design is delicate and detailed in distinct layers. With smooth and simple lines and precise laser engraving technology, it creates a high level texture with both beauty and practicability in modern minimalist aesthetic design.
Astrolink carries a lineage of technological genes, preserving the pursuit of aesthetics and inheriting the craftsmanship of classic watches. It embraces the trend of intelligence and incorporates thoughtful integration of smart technology, pioneering the creation of the first hybrid smartwatch, bringing an unprecedented smart experience and wrist aesthetics. We will transform the "stars" plucked from the vast universe into a tangible future lifestyle concept on the wrist. Astrolink, in the name of the stars, connects infinite futures.

Agency:BeiDou Watch

As the official sponsor of the Chinese Mountaineering Team, Beidou Watch has always been at the forefront of exploring the pinnacle of watchmaking, deeply integrating rigorous, excellent, and intelligent concepts into various application fields. It has given birth to the world's first Beidou multi-functional outdoor satellite watch. Beidou, as a guiding star in the Chinese watchmaking industry, will continue to lead the new future of technological exploration and intelligent living.