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This case is a family of four located in Lianjiang County. In the process of planning and rebuilding the original villa, emphasis is placed on functionality and concise lines are used to outline the neat shape of the space. The colors and contours are complex and simple, and Carlos Capa's architectural language permeates every corner and detail. Shape no longer carries any connotation or extended meaning, it only represents itself, it only represents beauty. Handicraft is the best carrier of local architectural language logic. The concept of 'abundance without luxury, simplicity without ugliness' has always been followed by designers when interpreting space.

Designer:Su Wei

Vice President of Home Decoration Branch of Fujian Provincial Designer Association.
Senior Interior Architect of China Architectural Decoration Association.
Lecturer, School of Media, Fujian Normal University.
Founder and Executive Director of Dayin Space Design Firm.
Gold and Silver Awards at the China International Interior Design Biennale.