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Aquarium lighting fixture
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With development of intelligent technology era and improvement of living standards, people's demands for advanced hardware resources and good environment of fish farming, personalized and convenient feeding are also developing and improving. As a special light, this aquarium light can not only replace the sunlight to promote the healthy growth of animals and plants in the tank, but also beautify the tank landscaping to improve the underwater scenery view.
With innovative mechanical structure, intelligent operating system and specialized light, this LED water plant light with full spectrum has a good environmental adaptability and strong heat dissipation ability, both beautiful and practical.
The unique mechanical structure of this product is to connect a quick adjustable handle to the light control module which allows users to stepless adjust the light control module from 0 to 160 degrees. Unlike the fixed aquarium light on the market, this light can be adjusted to the most suitable light angle and range according to user’s demand for tank landscaping to achieve the best anti-glare effect, ensuring the comfort of watching the underwater world. Users can make the light focus on the aquaculture area in the tank to reduce the unnecessary energy loss caused by the light overflow. In the state of turnover, this product acts as a cover plate to protect the light source plate, while reducing the overall size to reduce the packaging and transportation cost.
With 180-degree surface light source, this product has irradiation uniform and natural color. The four-in-one light ensures the stability of color temperature control with various wavelengths to replicate natural light in maxim, promoting the healthy growth of animals and plants in the aquarium tank. The light mode can be switched automatically in a specific period, both functional and aesthetic. This product presents diversified and multi-level visual effects to meet the users' viewing needs at different times while providing different light wavelengths for animals and plants in the tank. Users can also make intelligent and personalized lighting adjustment through the mobile APP to ensure the efficient operation of the aquarium light and improve the interactive experience, emphasizing the usability and friendliness.
According to research, poor heat dissipation is a common problem of most aquarium lights. Based on that, this product is equipped with the combination of PC and metal cooling plate to achieve excellent heat dissipation ability and long life cycle, making it durable and not easy to aging. The minimalist design also makes the product suitable for different home scenes with adjustable bracket hoisting form to ensure the comfort while viewing and the convenience of cleaning.

Agency: Hangzhou You Huan Lighting Appliance Co.,Ltd.

Founded in 2010, Hangzhou You Huan Lighting Appliance Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in LED optoelectronics, with a professional R & D and production management team. Our products have obtained more than 50 national patents. We design and produce products for Coca Cola, China high-speed rail, five-star hotels and serve more than 30 countries.