Best of Residential Building

Aoyuan:Island Mansion,Chengdu


The project follows the principle of "minimalism", adopts the concise architectural language to form a modern sculptural volume relationship. The aim of project is to shape a diverse space and enrich the emotional experience brought by architecture, which can root the understanding of urban lake dwellings in the Yixin Lake area with outstanding landscape resources.
The project takes "Crystal Floating Island" as the design theme and follows the spatial sequence of rise, inherit, turn and merge, which aim to create a varied experience for visitors. Walking on the floating island, surrounded by waves of light and water, combining the frame of spatial changes on visiting circulation to create a step-by-step space experience.
The architecture has a sculptural shape, laid with simple and clean materials, and form a percussive style of stately combined modern. The fashion attitude of architecture is perfectly reflected by the overhanging eaves and platforms, the interweaving of stone and glass, and the reflection of the water surface and the overhead structure. On the whole, the project uses the principle of simple and contrast to create a solemn combined lightsome visual experience.