Best of Villa Space

Among the Sea of Clouds


A private high-class clubhouse surrounded by urban landscapes, using pure natural simplicity to interpret modern classic expressions.
The design unfolds with exquisite natural streamlined contours, bringing the distance between the sky and the sea of clouds closer together, highlighting architectural and natural renaissance, and interpreting the value coordinates of the respected clubhouse.
A series of spaces is created in the midst of profound transformations. The front hall enters the light and shade of the open entrance space. Welcoming nature’s embrace amidst succession and transformation, the scene through the window is one where water and sky merge into one color. The sunlight refracts through the water and the wind generates sparkling waves, creating a unique charm together with the stone landscaping, and shimmering tides.
The boundaries of the interior and exterior spaces of the building are broken and blurred, shaping the boundless pool and sunken living room seating area. The boundary of the skyline is extended, allowing the waterscape to infiltrate the interior space without restriction, extending into the stepping stones to the living room, and dipping into the interlacing rhythm of the waves with light and shadow. Just like being in the sea of clouds, it is pleasant and flawless.
Stepping into the dining room space, we see clean and flowing lines laid down under natural textures, projected with the softness of the clouds and the sky, and outlining magnificence and smartness amidst reality and fantasy, to create a spiritual realm for body and mind.
In the pure and simple color tones, contemporary low-key luxury furnishings, marble, metal and other materials with transparent and rough textures are used to forge an irregular yet picturesque visual level and quality.
On the second floor, methods that transcend reality are used to interpret the contours of space. The aesthetic contour is enhanced, allowing perfect streamline and complete natural integration, like walking through the clouds. A space we can savor is created through the interweaving of stories.
The floor-to-ceiling glass and balcony views connect distant mountains and nearby waters, wandering between the clouds and water, pursuing purer artistic expression, and creating unique, simplistic and surreal contemporary lifestyles and design contexts. At the same time, owners can experience a quiet and flowing time as well as enjoy a space with a design concept that resonates with their reserved personality.

Hangzhou Jiading Interior Design Co., Ltd. & Hangzhou Jingdian Furnishing Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou Jiading Interior Design Co., Ltd. & Hangzhou Jingdian furnishing Co., Ltd. is jointly founded by international famous cross-border architecture / interior designer and artist Louis Liou and famous designer Franco Chen. With VerySpace international space as the core brand, the company distributes international business in Nanjing, Hangzhou, Taipei, Vancouver and New York. Since its establishment, VerySpace international has completed hundreds of successful design projects in Vancouver, New York, Taipei, Bei jing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Quanzhou, Chongqing, Jinan, Hefei and Shen yang.