Best of Home Residence

Amber Wanli private house


The beautiful scenery on the journey of life is no better than the way home. The designer draws on the shape of the lotus from the host's hometown of Macau, and uses the basic arc and shape to plan the layout to blend the oriental and modern styles.
Here you will find that space is the carrier of life, and the designer traces the heart from countless lively fragments of life to build the beauty and expectations of life and art.
The large area of black calmness reveals low-key elegance. The open study and simple wardrobe design give the space a sense of extension.
Pushing open a door, you encounter a beautiful amber color, which exudes a lively and warm connotation. It is not only a part of the art of life, but also a concrete presentation of life aesthetics.
The designer links the overall functional space with both dynamic and static atmosphere. In the afternoon, sit alone in the sun and lazily, reading a book or listening to a record to experience the tranquil sunshine and the view by the window.

LH Architecture Design

LH Architecture Design is a professional cosmetics company that integrates design, budgeting, construction, and materials. Lu He adheres to the service concept of "advocating the tide and pursuing innovation", taking the needs of customers as the core, following the trend of home design, and striving to create a comfortable and comfortable living environment for the customers.
The company completed the brand upgrade in 2019. It has a modern and innovative high-standard annual design team, a rich experience in the home improvement team, a strong home management industry resources, and a good decision-making, efficient design and implementation.
Line mechanism. Lu He has always insisted on listening attentively to the potential needs of each customer, breaking through the traditional and rigid design ideas and concepts, and innovating technology and craftsmanship to optimize the original construction model. Luhe and Patch Repair have joined forces to coordinate and integrate their own development advantages to provide customers with more professional and higher-quality services. Since its establishment, the company has won the favor of a large number of customers with its extraordinary design philosophy, superb construction service, and considerate and standardized service attitude.