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Absolute Nature The Existence of Eternal Life


Situated on the Hengchun Peninsula in southern Taiwan, the original building was a four-story old Taiwanese house aged 30 years and above. The internal spaces were dark and not well ventilated because the building was densely covered with traditional iron gates and iron windows. The undersized windows and staircase in the middle of the building deteriorated the issues. Hence new openings are created on both sides of the building while glass walls, high volume ceilings and skylight are introduced in the reformation. The central staircase has also been relocated to the end and replaced with a more porous, single stringer staircase. These rectifications result in a more open and generous interior space with better ventilation and natural lighting.
As the site is rich in natural landscape and aboriginal settlement and the owner is involved in the making of aboriginal arts and crafts, the concept is hence inspired by the traditional stone slab house of the mountain tribes. With the use of sustainable materials and construction method and by eliminating unwanted decorative elements, the characters of the architecture can be restored. The new garden pool landscape and greeneries in the internal and external spaces help to regulate the microclimate and alleviate the thermal issue during summer time. These initiatives aim to achieve the goal of reduce, reuse and recycle at the same time reflect the eternity of life. Aboriginal arts and crafts that activate spaces have been integrated thoroughly, making the house looks like an art gallery. The resultant architecture is a fusion of nature, humanities, arts and crafts.

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Tsong Yo Interior Design has served its clients with integrity and honesty throughout the years, as it believes that living rituals and patterns shall dictate spatial relationships, complemented by engineering consideration of details and quality, as its core values of service.