INNOVATION Prize of Mansion Villa

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Project Name: Beijing Luneng grass Town villa model house
Project location: No.2 Fubi Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Construction area: 1300 M2
Completion time: September 30, 2018
Design unit: IADC laiao design
Design Director: EVA pan
Design team: Lu Mingxin
Written by: Jiang Ying
Photographer: Zhu Hai
Grass town is located on the Bank of Wenyu River in Tongzhou, Beijing. It has unique original landform in the capital. Around the traditional French architecture, so that the residence is particularly retro elegant. The whole building integrates the design essence of the French style BIHONG residence. The interior corridor is the central axis symmetry, connecting the whole manor. It adopts the space layout form of classic French garden, and pays attention to the symmetry, sequence and radiation of space.
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In line with the architectural style, the inspiration for interior design comes from the residence of Beauchamp in Paris, the Rococo style building built in 1732 is famous for the collection of wonderful works of art by the sculptor Rodan, and its buildings and gardens are included in the French heritage list.
Rodin spent his life searching for lines and patterns of natural creations in sculpture: "a prescribed line runs through the universe and endows all created objects. If they feel free to run in this line, they will not produce anything ugly.".
The line of freedom exists in the inner spirit of nature and artistic creation, and is not easily defined by style. The space technique of IADC laiao designers EVA deduces the theme of Humanities and Art: "connect classical and modern in the name of art, and make the two dialogue".
EVA put the artistic refinement of "line" in the functional appeal of space: at the main entrance, the specially transformed light gray marble staircase replaces the symmetrical double staircase in the original house type, and the hard and cold broken line merges the upper and lower space and the moving line to obtain a balance with a strong sense of power.
In order to capture the ever-changing lines of the natural world, designers EVA created a number of art devices for ceiling in different spaces with the intention of "cloud", or made of very fine alloy wire mesh, or with transparent resin as matrix, to show the beauty of sky light, cloud and shadow, and play a role of space visual guidance.
"Life imitates art", the creation of space object environment aims to surpass the pursuit of things and enlighten beauty. The extremely outstanding spirit of creation can be seen everywhere in the home accessories of the official residence: selected limited edition sculpture reproduction from Rodin Art Museum, Centennial brand Saint Louis crystal chandelier, and Boca do, a famous craftsman Lobo and Bauhaus inherit knoll, combine modern science and technology with traditional art EDRA, etc., and even the collection of orphans from European auctions. The ingenuity dialogue between classical and modern reflects the aesthetic view of life symbiotic with art.
EVA believe that "space is extensible, and the ideal human settlement is to break the inherent internal and external separation and create a space that can blend with nature". For this reason, EVA redefined the original outdoor space, and arranged spring, summer, autumn and winter theme gardens on the north and south sides of the official residence, with delphinium, salvia, and Campanula all planted among them; waterscape trails and aromatic plantations on the East and west sides greatly enriched the sensory and spiritual experience. The specially designed and adjusted sunshine restaurant and kitchen are in the landscape of isomorphism from inside and outside, with the spirit of Rodin garden, enjoying artistic value and experiencing the truth of nature.
In the overall classical tone into the variation of modernism; as a recollection of the golden age of humanities, the original library space is widened, the spiral of iron staircase is surrounded by four vertical warm dark wood grain bookshelves, and the centripetal line is the abstract return of the soul philosophy and the origin of self; the private art gallery and wine tasting area on the negative floor have a reasonable division of creative furniture The spatial function is expressed by the curve of light and fast flow. .
The value inheritance is long-lasting, and the attitude towards art and family precipitation is especially so. The combination of emerald, beige and gray with different lightness is used as the main color configuration of each layer space to create a classic color system that is not easy for the times. Name plates, embroidered napkins The details of the custom-made identity badge means a glory inherited from generation to generation. As an indispensable management system to maintain the daily operation and family image of the official residence, the designer also gave full consideration to reserve a complete and efficient service function space. 关于潘及 Eva Pan IADC涞澳设计设计总监 潘及 Eva Pan 早年旅居欧洲,获意大利米兰理工大学室内设计管理学专业硕士学位后,曾经担任意大利知名设计公司室内设计师。2001年开始于IADC创立之初担任设计总监至今。潘及的设计项目遍及中国许多重要城市。她擅长整合建筑、室内设计、视觉图像和艺术装置,以现代主义精神和热情为设计注入当代精神和创新能量,创造出独特的空间魅力,作品斩获国内外大奖无数。 In his early years, he lived in Europe and received a master's degree in interior design management from Milan Polytechnic University, Italy. He once worked as an interior designer for a famous Italian design company. Since 2001, I have been the design director since the founding of IADC. Panji's design projects cover many important cities in China. She is good at integrating architecture, interior design, visual image and art installation, infusing modern spirit and innovative energy into the design with modernism spirit and enthusiasm, creating a unique space charm, and her works have won numerous awards at home and abroad.

IADC laiao design

IADC laiao design was founded in Shanghai in 2001 by well-known interior designer Zhang Chengzhe. IADC is regarded as one of the most outstanding interior design companies because of its outstanding achievements in innovative ideas, aesthetic styles and professional services in the field of interior design. In the past ten years, founder Zhang Chengzhe and Design Director Pan Ji have led an outstanding multi-cultural design team. They are committed to bringing the originality and creativity of design into full play, and focusing on providing customized design services for customers. This service mode has enabled the company to maintain happy cooperation with many famous brands at home and abroad for a long time, and has completed hundreds of works of different types and styles It covers interior, soft decoration, architecture and landscape design, and has won many important international design awards. IADC laiao's design works are often published in professional and fashion media at home and abroad, such as "an Di ad", "home Gallery", etc., and has won many international and domestic professional awards.
"Design is not only to create a style, but also to" people-oriented "to realize the real value and essence of space". The founder Zhang Chengzhe's design is simple and elegant, not limited by the so-called aesthetic formalism, aiming to provide a perfect design solution for space users. With more than 20 years of design experience, Zhang Chengzhe has always adhered to the integration of international design concepts and local cultural origins, and cultivated a simple and beautiful design taste

Designer: EVA pan

Silver Award of "GPDP Award" in 2018
German Iconic design award 2017
2017 China US International Design Award soft decoration space Gold Award
017 design works selected in Sino US international design exchange exhibition
International Design Award 2017 Golden Creative Award invited international designer judges
2017 International Property Awards
2017 a 'Design Award & Competition Gold Award
2016 INNODESIGN French GPDP Award
2016 IAI Design Award
2016 Jintang Award
2015 "ID + G" gold creative annual Top 10 outstanding female designers
2015 "ID + G" gold Creative International Space Design Award
2015 modern decoration International Media Award
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