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A prose poem
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Project Name: A Prose Poem
Project location: Fuzhou, China
Project area | 150 square meters
Design Company | ONE SPACE DESIGN
Full Case Design | Yang Yifang
Project Photography | Li Lingyu
Home is not just a place to live, nor is it just a vessel to hold trivial daily things. It is like a warm medium that carries the intersection of love and affection. As time passes, it witnesses, records, and leaves behind beauty.
When the texture of marble meets the order of woodwork, he composes a paean from the main road to simplicity, as Thoreau said in "Walden Lake": "Everything that does not belong to life should be neatly removed and simplified into the most basic form, simple, simple, and simple again."
In a large-scale space, objects are densely packed, spacious and comfortable without losing a sense of hierarchy, which can be said to be "just the place where ink has not been touched, and the vast expanse of smoke fills the present".
The regular light lines and irregular artistic lights complement each other, breaking existing cognition and reconstructing spatial context. Light and shadow tenderly care for this corner, like poetry, free and beautiful.
The white base overlaps with condensed lines, expressing a moderate restraint; The integration of art and abstraction into the residence, between form and meaning, forms a profound Eastern painting. In the end, the entire space envelops both the coldness of a tiger jungle and the tenderness of a sniffing rose.
The spring outside the tea room is bleak, as Tong Jun said in "Southeast Garden Villa", a good garden is first and foremost about the taste of observing things, a lively view that can see nature in unexpected places.
The clear contour lines of the dining table contain a unique sense of power and sculpture, while the details and proportions balance the hardness of marble, giving it a restrained and elegant temperament. One house, two people, three meals, four seasons, fireworks, and the earthly atmosphere are the warmest among ordinary people.
Seeing knowledge in subtle places returns space to a pure state, and with the blessing of light, all temperatures have traces to follow. The world is so noisy, and I love this peaceful corner so much.
For the interpretation of home and life, a thousand people have a thousand Hamlets, but loyal to their inner choices and interpreting the style of space with unique charm and power, a home is better than a prose poem.

Designer:Yang Yifang.

Founder and Design Director of Jiuli Yifang Space Design Co., Ltd