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275 model room CIxi City Zuo yue Tian zuan
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Ningbo Cixi is located on the coast of the East Sea. From the important starting point of "Maritime ceramic Road", it has become one of today's coastal economic development zones. With the landing of Cixi high-speed Railway Station in the core area of Qianwan New District, Cixi has become an important node of the economic circle in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta, and has ushered in the historical responsibility and opportunity of the national strategy of the integration of the Yangtze River Delta.
Ningbo Excellence Diamond is located in the core of the financial Port in Qianwan New District, with the transportation network established by Xincheng Avenue and Zhongheng Line. To the west, there are Yucai Primary School, middle school and other educational resources. Nearby, there are Youth Palace, forest park and other urban resources. To the north, it can share the mature supporting facilities of Mingyue Lake, and to the south, it looks forward to the rapid development value of the cultural business district.
Looking at the city, lakeshore resources have always been enjoyed by the big men, and Excellence Tianzhan not only occupies about 500,000 square meters of the moon lake, making the limited lake view into the daily window view, but also the charm of Sizao River and about 24,000 square meters of the lake park as a collection. In addition, there are Cixi Grand Theater, museum, science and technology museum and other cultural resources in the vicinity, and Qianwan Ciji Foreign Language School (under construction) nearby... Multi supporting gathering, the construction of Cixi is also hidden and prosperous Zhen dilute lake living circle. Look up Cixi prosperous, that is, the lake water color. In the excellent day drill, the convergence of resources, luxury enjoyment, circle resonance, create a difficult to replicate the living realm.
In terms of apartment space, the flat villa with a surface of about 265 square meters enjoys a square pattern of four rooms, two living rooms and three bathrooms, which greatly improves the utilization rate of space. At the same time, the three rooms face south, so that the lighting and ventilation effect is better. With the balcony of 270° Angle, the dining room of about 100 square meters has the style of multi-functional living room, showing full comfort no matter for family entertainment or reception of relatives and friends. Hotel style double suite design, with independent bathroom, cloakroom, for family members to provide more privacy. It not only solves the needs of the big family for space scale, but also integrates all daily functions in one place to meet the beautiful expectations of life.

Agency:RICH investment & Design

Founded by Mr. Ma Zhenhong in 2014, the main creative team includes many well-known designers from Taiwan and Hong Kong, with more than 10 years of working experience. For domestic and foreign developers and private customers, for hotels, large commercial space, clubs, villas, demonstration units, to provide interior design and soft decoration customization services. Design works won the influence award affirmation, based on East China regional service throughout the country. With high quality design services, professional supplier management, and streamlined after-sales maintenance services, become a number of real estate group strategic partner. Since its establishment, it has served more than 60 real estate developers.