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Discursive posture, free soul
We want a combination of all the volume relationships in the space
Just like the various forms of nature, there have different interactions and links with people.
Grass is grass, flowers are flowers, a tree is a tree, each has its own independence and freedom.
Water, give us endless yearning, close to and extension, alienation and balance, when close to the sea, our thoughts will also change.
That we can find ways to get along with ourselves, with others, and with the world, and that before that, the first thing we have to do is to learn how to get along with ourselves in a lonely way.
Welcome with water
Face loneliness
And the most true self......
Every place to live here, after our countless times of consideration, to the human-scale space, let the space presents a more simple, quiet, natural, self-sufficient atmosphere.
Through a small mouth
a turn in the course of events
Then see the framed landscape
Closed doors is the feeling of the mountains
Based on the memory of the childhood moved
Form a touch to others
Extract the scale relationship from the garden
Convert it into a contemporary spatial sequence
Continuous nodes form segments, and the nodes are the carrier of the master architect Scarpa's expression of decoration, Louis Kahn believes that "the nodes are the source of decoration", and our idea coincides with this view.
The collision and fusion of Scarpa modern architecture structure and the artistic conception of Oriental garden
The overlapping feet of the line, under the action of light, show a sense of layered fading light, and show a wonderful light and shadow effect as the time changes.
The roundabout path like the garden allows visitors to experience the artistic conception of traveling back in the space
A cascade full of order
On the stairs
Also on the stairs
Upper and lower aesthetics
"Gap" is the embodiment of mystery, thus the birth of "prying"
Generate confrontation
Generate through
Discursive posture, a free soul
I hope that the attitude of human presence in space is free and loose
But the human heart is gathered together.
This artistic, composite and diversified space provides a rich and diverse way of life, in which people can communicate, work, create and grow.
The Church of Tadao Ando gives us the enlightenment of light —— quiet peace and order.
The shock of the overlapping of light and shadow makes us treat the light as an entity, and consider how to carve out the light in the space.
From the perspective of "life" and "life", it may be best to keep the "space" as "empty" and "idle". And the more expensive the space, the more it is worth it.
At work, whether you are at home or in the company, let yourself "empty" some, "idle" some, are absolutely cost-effective.
leisure time
Listen to the wind and rain
Cook tea and read
Arouse us to think about the past and the future
Nature is the most important soil for nurturing and designing creative genes
A desire to return from those who fled the city
Steal the interest of floating life half a day idle
The Japanese tea priest Chalikyu said: "Tea ceremony is to find the heart of leisure" into the sinking tearoom, this small universe filtered out the class status of everyone, everyone is equal, this is a similar utopian, time static time and space.
Species should not be divided into equal, noble and poor
All things is equal before nature
The Freedom of the material species
Wild Growth —— (Species Origin)
Such a life, not luxury, is simple and rich, is to let sincerity and goodwill deeply rooted in the hearts.
Such a life, more than material, beyond the emotion, to reach the spirit.
Here, we feel the truth of nature, follow the rhythm of the four seasons to live; understand the goodness of human feelings, tender feelings to live; appreciate the beauty of art, let life to show the true nature, poetic and free life.
Here, we have different backgrounds, ideals, but all have the love of life, the pursuit of art. We came here and chose a dream-driven life, a life of growing up together. Here, we get close to each other, gaining warmth, nourishment, and energy.
We sincerely hope that everyone living in such a space can feel the joy and happiness brought by intimate relationships and a sense of belonging.
Here, we advocate a common good. This common "good" is the ecumenist value of trust, respect, equality, responsibility and mutual benefit. This is a common consciousness, derived from the ideology under the common identity and values, and it is the most basic contract.
We believe that life is composed of countless beautiful moments. When we live in the present, explore inward, and let the mind flow, life can renew itself and grow by itself.
Life can be more beautiful
Is a simple and delicate life
Is a close relationship of mutual trust
Is the life state of love and self-actualization
Let's set foot on this journey of design aesthetics together
I hope our spiritual world can be a little higher than the city.
I hope our spiritual world can be a little higher than the city.
Project Name: 1. cm Design ▏ Studio
Project location: VANKE WISDOM Center,Xi'an
Design organization: Xi'an 1CM Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD
Creator design: Zhang Haide
Design team: Zhang Haide, Ran Manfei, Shao Hongxia, and Feng Kaixuan
Project Photography: Tan Xiao (Ten Photography Studio)
Project video: Wu Guang (Peanut Studio)

Agency: Xi 'an 1cM Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD

1CM DESIGN |Xi'an 1CM Decoration Design Engineering Co., LTD
Founded in ——, 2009
Design Mission —— only do vibrant design!
We see every design task we get as a problem that needs to be solved with wisdom, beauty and globally...
We are proficient in art forms, the development of modern design, structuralism, the laws of nature...
We are good at spatial positioning, design and layout, color collocation, familiar with the characteristics of various materials...
Every project plan we design is a gift to our customers.(Each form is enough to express the affirmation and respect for customer appreciation and taste). More sophisticated and brilliant than expected...
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We emphasize starting with design concepts and understanding the brand, location, customers and expectations. After that, go all out...