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1000㎡ Italian-style luxury villa, flowing with art.
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Project Name: Haihan Villa
Project Style: Italian Light Luxury
Project Type: Detached Villa
Project Area: 1000㎡
Design Team: Lan Empire International Design Firm
This project consists of five floors. The basement 2 and basement 1 are leisure reception areas; the first floor is the family hall; the second floor is for the elderly and guest rooms; the third floor is the master living room and study. The owner likes tranquility and elegance, and pursues a high-quality lifestyle. The designer presents the owner's innate simplicity, low-key elegance, calm and dignified wisdom, and spirituality in the space, highlighting the owner's light luxury lifestyle.
▼ -2F: The living room presents a low-key, fashionable, and romantic atmosphere, showing a kind of elegant and steady home life. The designer focuses on the texture of materials and the fashion sense of shapes to create a luxurious and high-end feeling. The living room is dominated by elegant gray, showing a low-key luxury. The Hermès orange single sofa chair outlines a commercial elite atmosphere. The floor-to-ceiling windows immerse the space in a quiet and mysterious feeling, responding to the purity of the heart. The billiard room and ping pong room are integrated, with a gray tone and a simple and refreshing atmosphere. The floor-to-ceiling windows brighten the space, as if sweating freely in nature. The home theater is like a magical box, with decorative paintings showing low-key elegance, paired with fashionable and minimalist sofas and coffee tables, presenting a low-key luxury and restrained artistic atmosphere. The overall space, under the illumination of the lights, interprets a profound cultural taste. The laundry room is a dedicated room for washing, ironing, and drying clothes, with gray and white as the main colors. The designer has set up top cabinets in the laundry room, equipped with baskets and essential cleaning supplies, interpreting the functionality of the space.
▼ -1F: The tea room quietly tells beautiful moments in an Italian style. Exquisite objects are not only a taste but also warmth, and they are also a long-term companionship for family members. The Chinese people have a love for tea in their blood, resembling tea tasting and understanding life. The chess room enriches daily life, playing cards and entertainment during leisure time, enjoying leisure and comfort. Connected to the tea room, the overall space is spacious and bright. Occasionally inviting friends to play cards and enjoy tea, discussing the past and present, is a manifestation of a quality life. The design of the gym emphasizes practicality and simplicity. It can be used to exercise and relieve stress during holidays. The overall space has a strong sense of lines and contains design and philosophical meanings. The owner requested the designer to design a home sauna room for enjoying sauna baths at any time. Following the concept of "light as form, luxury as quality," the designer perfectly presents the representative metals, marble, glass, and wood decorations in the sauna room.
▼ 1F: The first-floor living room gradually unfolds an elegant atmosphere, presenting a sense of light luxury and elegance. The color matching is simple and fashionable, with a unique experience of Italian space restraint, and the artistic sense penetrates directly into the depths of the soul. The overall space of the living room, from the colors of the ceiling, carpet, furniture, width and narrow lines, hollow lines, and tile textures, enriches the sense of space. Using proportion, light and shadow to create the texture and atmosphere of the space, stimulating the ultimate visual senses. The kitchen uses black, white, and gray tones to create an open kitchen area. The L-shaped central kitchen and the western kitchen bar complement each other, blending romance and texture, showing a more luxurious temperament. Have a drink with your loved one here, and enjoy the comfort. The gray chairs in the dining room echo the sofas in the living room, enhancing the overall atmosphere. The design of the round dining table in the dining room highlights the host's warm and hospitable quality of life. The floor-to-ceiling windows allow sunlight to create different indoor atmospheres with the changing time. The public restroom uses an Italian rice gray tone, which is very chic. The floor uses waterjet mosaic to break the monotonous layout of traditional bathrooms. The ink-like irregular texture makes the public restroom full of imagination, highlighting the owner's attention to detail.
▼ 2F: The elderly rooms are all suites, with reserved leisure halls and walk-in closets. The overall design combines the aesthetic preferences of the elderly, with the artistic conception of landscape paintings and the elegance of pastoral style, highlighting the noble spiritual realm of the elderly and their expectations for the family. The designer carries the characteristics of the space through the spirit of Oriental life: tranquility, far-reaching, and leisurely. Simple lines make the walls look advanced and textured, and the dark and stable furniture satisfies the elderly's desire for exquisite life and high-quality sleep. The guest rooms create a delicate, relaxed, and leisurely atmosphere. The designer eliminates complicated accessories and uses simple and fashionable shapes, pleasing and elegant tones, and soft and delicate lines to make the space more agile.
▼ 3F: The bedrooms are designed to create bedrooms that are both functional and of high quality, with a romantic, elegant, delicate, and fashionable style. The walk-in closet in the master bedroom meets different needs and usage habits by planning different intervals and areas. The overall color of the bedroom is mainly gray and white. The bedhead background wall with a strong sense of lines enhances the light luxury of the overall space, showing an elegant and charming style. The design without a main light focuses on creating a spatial atmosphere with texture. The Hermès orange chair represents restrained emotions and the pursuit of aestheticism beyond the secular world. The bathroom is perfectly matched with white and light gray, and the mild luxury allows people to appreciate the charm of light luxury. After a busy day of work, take a bath in the large bathtub and feel the fashionable atmosphere and freedom. The design of the study space is a typical Italian romance and elegance. The whole wall of bookshelves and bookshelves combines closure and openness, satisfying both storage and display needs. From the desk to the decorative ornaments, both functionality and high aesthetics are taken into account, creating a well-structured level, bringing a low-key luxury to the entire space.
The style reflects cultivation, discarding luxurious decorations, retaining the most authentic spatial attributes, creating a beautiful artistic conception beyond words. The light luxury style always shows the charm and personality of the owner, as well as a low-key and noble lifestyle.

Designer:Liu Changjiang

Name: Liu Changjiang
Title: Senior Interior Designer in China.
Lan Empire International Design Firm, Design Director/Founder.
Personal Design Philosophy: Design originates from life.
Honors Received:
- Ranked among the top 100 designers in the ID+D Design Competition by the American Chinese Design Network in 2014. - Featured in an exclusive interview titled "Being a Dedicated Designer" by the Shenzhen Design and Decoration Magazine in 2014.
- National 4040 Top Ten Residential Design Award in 2018.
- Golden Residence Award - Top Ten Residential Space Designers in 2019.
Representative Projects:
- Nationwide projects include MIAMI Bar in Sanya, Music Restaurant in Fuzhou Changle, PAPA Music Restaurant in Xiamen, OG CLUB Bar in Dalian, and Vanke Metropolitan Hotel.
- Yifang Mansion Villa, Zhongti Jiuhao Courtyard, Xinghai Bay No.1, Hongxinghai Villa, Mingxiu Manor Villa, and Haihan Villa.