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《Floating Light Secret Garden》
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Inspired by the "lovers' eyes" Brooch left over from the Victorian era, the work depicts the eyes of lovers on exquisite jewelry, and the tears flowing when Venus was born condensed into pearls.
The eye socket is outlined by an arc, and the eyelashes are hung on both sides. The streamer traces the shadow, and the flowers are in clusters. On the basis of visual beauty, it evolves a gorgeous spiritual praise, and tells a romantic and charming medieval fairy tale with a golden palace.
The person in front of you is your sweetheart.

Designer : James Lai

James Lai, the founder of Reith space research office, is good at achieving a high premium image of business space for many enterprises through the balance between space aesthetic logic and business logic.
Bring the idea of "expressing feelings in the environment" from the East into the practice of space design, and focus on user situational experience to create an aesthetic palace that combines business and art. Study the atmosphere and artistic conception of the dialogue between people and space in depth, and create an immersive space that makes people feel happy and disconnected from reality.