Prix de l'INNOVATION de la salle des modèles



A livable space, quiet and simple but elegant
Design comes from life, and life originates from nature. Perhaps the only way to enjoy the colorful life in the hustle and bustle of the city is to find a corner of natural mountain and sea. When the hustle and bustle all comes to the end, , there is no end in peace and tranquility. The space that looks simple and comfortable hides a trace of low-profile delicacy and nobility.



In the Living room, the fashion of simple furniture blends perfectly with the grey space appearing elegant and attractive. Being fashionable, soft, low-key, quiet, silent, and with a breath of elegance and nature, it is the most beautiful and most mysterious color in the eyes of designers. It can deduce a rich sense of hierarchy. The living room, dining room and kitchen are presented in an open form, abandoning the traditional design techniques and opening up the visual and spatial experience. The natural bright amber, light haze gray and moon white in the same space show different levels of feeling. The space is simple and bright, emitting natural and quiet breath, and demonstrates a simple and comfortable life concept.
Master bedroom space design is simple and comfortable, with a warm white color system. The abstract art hanging pictures outline a fashion sense and the integration of the details of hard furniture highlight the low-key quality of the whole space. Again white, again gray, just a slight change in material and the warmth of the light bring the necessary comfort and relax.

Espace OMU

EMO SPACE consists of a group of designers full of sincere feelings, love of life, and like-minded designers. Mainly engaged in sales center, high-end real estate model room and hardcover housing, commercial office space and other design projects, for the global high-end real estate and commercial companies to provide customized professional design services.


Since its establishment, the company has successfully completed many design projects by virtue of professional design services. From the feasibility study of the early stage of the project to the final presentation, we have created a more humane living environment through multi-angle thinking. To integrate design with human nature, to achieve the perfect combination of art and commerce.
L'entreprise a fourni des services d'aménagement intérieur et de conseil à un certain nombre de groupes immobiliers, et a reçu l'aval de Vanke, SHIMAO, Capitaland, SINCERE, JINGRUI HOLDINGS, LONGFOR, Gemdale et d'autres sociétés immobilières du top 100 national hautement reconnues, et s'est engagée à créer conjointement des cas de haute qualité à la pointe de la technologie.
Historique des récompenses de l'équipe
L'équipe a participé au projet et a remporté les prix suivants :
2016 BEST100 China Best Office Space Design Award (Prix de la meilleure conception d'espace de bureau en Chine) ;
2018 CIDF sales office comprehensive space and other awards (prix de l'espace complet pour les bureaux de vente et autres prix) ;
2019 IDPA TOP10 Influential Design Institution of the Year (Institution de conception influente de l'année) ;
2019 "The Golden Bund" Show Room Space Design Award (Prix de la conception de l'espace d'exposition du Bund d'or) ;
2019 Idea-Tops Commercial Space Design Award.
Entre-temps, nous avons également figuré dans FRAME NIGHT FEVER 4, THE OTHER OFFICE2 et d'autres magazines étrangers.