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Economy Class BBQ CLUB
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Managing illusions with illusions, detachment and awakening on the soil
A new era is about to dawn when agricultural metal shatters the mundane rules and regulations. Located in Yuanyang, Henan Province, the Economy Class BBQ CLUB, the Economy Class means to create the conditions to fly to the desired fu- ture, offering an implicitly more cost-effective meal service. Storefront billboards take more subtle things and make them big enough to be seen" - that is, the notion of how architec- ture draws implicit boundaries and constructs our relation- ships with each other.



Through the three-dimensional modules and lighting to at- tract the crowd, and the use of elements, such as arc, linear, circle, Zen lamps and other related components, throughout the integration, echoing the future and tradition, back to the original reverie of the universe and the future. The circular ceiling suspended over the stage area, through- out the stage and dining area, makes for a more immersive experience for those entering through the delineation of the top and floor areas. Creating spatial levels of dislocation in the more monotonous wide and open space of the flat floor allows the physical senses to produce a spatial shift up and down into the rhythm of space, allowing the richness of the experience to reach a greater value, which is also the feeling to be emphasised this time. Enriching the space, the building blocks emphasise the VIP cabin area and create a sense of ritual, making the dining scene more diverse and satisfying for a variety of customers. The mock-up of the lava walls is a crucial point for the whole project, and the experimentation and exploration between the design medium and the tech- nique is an important part of the progress for Red Beam. How to integrate the experimental nature into the atmos- phere of the space? This will be for Red Beam to further con- sider and explore. In order to meet the operational needs of Project profile the project, the lighting design of the project is adjustable for different time periods and scenarios with multiple modes, switching between lost and warm spatial expressions

Designer: ZHANG Zhen

Red Beam Architectural Design Office-Founding Principal Many years of experience in internationally renowned design agencies
APSDA 2021 Asia Pacific Space Designers of the Year ICONIC AWARDS 2020 German Iconic Innovative Architectural De- sign Award for selected projects I-DING AWARD 2019 - Silver Award at the International Design Awards - I-DING AWARD

HeLu Restaurant Qingdao
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This case is located in the center of the commercial office buildings. This case design ideas from Mr Chen wrote "longevity pension book", with building interior space will bring visitors back to the slow times, like back to a story, in that story, we have a lot of time for reading, writing, meditation, talking, farming, painting and calligraphy, playing piano, hiking, playing chess.
The entrance is very narrow, paved with stones, like a tunnel, continue to move forward, suddenly open wild.



Into the room, the past life attitude, aesthetic proposition, and the integration of the present life, the texture of the old time is as if to reach out to touch. The inner wall is made of stones, carbide bamboos and wood,. Plain, simple lines, not stunning, not shocking, but make people calming and relaxing. Above the stone wall in the lobby, the bronze wine cabinet is low-key and luxurious luster, looked up to see the light under the red so hit over, caught off guard, stained with the spirit of joy in the space. Along the path up the ladder, stunned, we met Mr.Zhou Zuoren's ship. Teahouse and private rooms located on the second floor, along the corridor of green water, bamboo ornament, with dark yellow lights.

Designer: Li Zhenhai

Li ZhenHai
Shen Zhen G Add Studios
He graduated from Qingdao academy of Arts and crafts in 2002 and has been engaged in interior design for 19 years. Focus on the design of commercial space, catering club, home stay space, hotel space, etc.


From 2010 to 2014, he worked as the design project leader of CCD Hong Kong Joe Cheng Design Firm 2015- present Design Director of Shenzhen G Add Design Co., Ltd.

INNOVATION Prize of Hotel Club Space

Huaipin Banquet


Project Name:Huaipin banquet
Project Address :Anhui, China
Design Area:1355㎡ Design Company:J﹣SHARE DESIDN
Interior Design :Yefeng Yang、 Ming Zhu
Completion Time:9.2019
Softwear Designer:Xuelin Wu



Huaipin Banquet Restaurant is located opposite the North Gate of Huainan Civil Life Stadium.It is positioned as high-end or banquet restaurants.Owning dining space with different sizes and styles.Define space and food with "global" cutting-edge vision.Provide people with Western food, Cantonese food, Hunan food and other delicacies.Designers draw inspiration from nature,intuitive facts are pure experiences and through a series of representative things.With a palpable nature,Create a real food world.

Designer: Yefeng Yang

Yefeng Yang,in the J﹣SHARE DESIDN is design director.Always adhering to the brand concept of "Oriental aesthetic design, artistic style life",focusing on the whole case service integrating luxury residence, sales office, office and business.We are committed to building a professional system integrating architecture, interior, soft decoration and product design.It not only presents unique design, but also combines brand, business, crowd and positioning needs,to provide a full consideration, customized solution, with excellent creativity to explore the infinite possibilities of design in the future.

Some Awards:

National registered senior designer.
Senior interior designer in China.
Member of Anhui interior design union.
Won the outstanding design award of the 5th China International Design Art Expo in 2010.
Won the 2013 Anhui cutting edge design award.
Won the top ten designers of 2016 in Hefei.
Won the "smart space Award" of 2017 Vanke center space design competition.

Designer: Ming Zhu

Ming Zhu,in the J﹣SHARE DESIDN is master designer.Focus on luxury houses、Sales Office、To work in an office、business.Committed to the creation of interior architectural space and space experience.To gather designers with common ideas,and form a collaborative design team.Develop local design,draw the emotional inspiration and rational design techniques.Let every design start from scratch,break the inertia of design thinking.Let people feel the different experience and fun of each space.

Some Awards:

2018 Hefei designer quality space Award.
The most popular designers at 2017 Hefei designers' annual meeting.
Best design Creative Award 2016.
Top 10 most popular creative designers in Hefei in 2015.

SILVER Prize of catering Service

NA+ space


"Curve" is "colorful"; "straight" is "strong"
"Save" is "mix in"; "release" is " simplify "
Changes in continuous rhythming track
The life it constitutes is spectacular.
Such as a "space" expression
Horseshoe arch structure, red clay tamping wall, destroying the decorative direction



Built, painted. 「na+」,
「na+」, another brand of this small restaurant group
The combination of "elegance" and "art"
Breaking inertia thinking
The architectural design concept of introducing "modern elements" into space
Bring the most basic experience to people
Melt in the field and melt food on site
Entering 「na+」 can reflect the artistic means and the taste of life. Just like the “life feels like a ritual feeling” that is often mentioned now, this kind of scene can also be enjoyed during the meal. The diners will subtly become part of the “design”, and the “space” will have long-term vitality if it conforms to contemporary development.
The peach gardens of “fertile lands, beautiful ponds, green bamboos” and trees of “a winding path leads to a hidden spot, and the Buddhist temple is surrounded with boughs and flowers.” are elegant places to live. Like the partition layout of the interior design, the total area is 400 square meters, divided into two dining areas, a bar area, 12 tables and a private room, which can accommodate about 50 diners at the same time, to meet the requirements of custom dining.
Through the different expressions of extraction, conversion, sublimation, etc., the inspiration of the design is expressed as the final spatial expression. "One Step and One Scene" is the biggest highlight of na+. It uses perspective and thorough design techniques to create three different landscapes, the charm of the corridor "sparkling", and the modern sense of the main hall "color contrast spectacle". The open-minded sense of the "dark flowers and bright willows" in balconies and private rooms are scattered in different levels and rich in levels. They are like concealed and immersed in interesting spaces.
Passing through the corridor leading to the hall, a small road leads to a quiet place, standing at the cornice, looking in different directions, showing different landscapes, giving people a sense of space, " only in this scene, the lane is deep "
Space presents more material language expressions. It is made of coarse mineral materials such as custom tamped earth wall textures, marble, waste rock and used copper plates. With fine artistic pigments and a mild color temperature. There are waterscapes, plants, rough stones, atomization and other landscapes. The overall space is bright and vibrant, close to nature and continues nature throughout the space.
The elegant design of poetic and the vivid contrast and fusion of food, regardless of the commercial resounding, create an independent space of artistic conception, " strange yet normal." Space seeks unity in the process of “change”. Regardless of the "change", the diners " All tastes melt into a small kettle at the place where people gather to drink and cheer around the stove. ", this is our original intention and the ultimate design goal.


Design Associates GUILD

GOLD Prize of Catering Service

Shy No BBQ and Bar


Project Name: Shy No BBQ and Bar
Chief Designers: Kingdom Kuo
Assistant Designer: Xiufang Zhao, Xiang Ren
Project Location: Beijng, China
Project Area: 320 square meters
Cost: ¥1800,000
Completion Date: December, 2018 Photographer: Erqing Li



This is the fifth restaurant operated by the project owner. Each has a different design style. This dining room is the restaurant for the owner to prepare for the future chain business, so we both put a lot of energy into it. Our goal is to create a new barbecue shop that is in line with the current consumer preferences. The style is to highlight the personality of the operator and let it make acceptable to the elderly and young.
The orientation of this project is to create independent brand style and standardization for all future chain stores. Therefore, we reflect a simple but not simple, comfortable but not casual, natural and elegant non-traditional barbecue restaurant with both design and artistic flavor, so that to get rid of the public for the barbecue shop greasy, rough, low-grade stereotypes.
Because the overall area of the project is not large, in order to avoid the monotonous impression of customers at a glance, we made a moderate isolation in the space. But also in order to avoid too closedoppression, so we ingeniously use design techniques in the gaze cannot directly penetrate the compartment to do a few open, let people have a sense of continuity of the space, to see the big from the small. It also uses the concepts of travel and inter in Chinese architectural techniques to lengthen the moving line and borrow scenery from each other to achieve the interest of space.
In terms of materials, in order to unify the vision and avoid the complex color disturbing the space integrity, we use gray as the keynote on a large scale, supplemented by warm log color. This also considers the convenience of construction and cost control, and creates a good foundation for the rapid growth of new restaurants and the reduction of decoration costs in the future.
The project was originally a 5.7-meter-high storefront on the first floor. In order to increase the business area, the two-story steel structure sandwich is added. The height of the first floor is 2.75 meters, and the height of the second floor is 2.5 meters. The main pipelines and air conditioning drainage are all in the non-sandwich area, which ensures the comfort of customer activities and the integrity of space.
In addition, the original windows were removed, replaced by a large piece of glass 3.5 meters wide and 2 meters high, which ensured the wide field of vision. The whole window can be pushed up and lifted in summer to connect indoors and outdoors. The three-layer air-tight insulation window ensures the comfort of indoor temperature in winter and reduces energy consumption.
To reassure customers, we use a large area of open glass to separate the kitchen from the dining area, which are about 6 meters wide and 1.8 meters high.
The project time requirement is very tense, which involves the rent and time cost. In order to ensure the time limit of the project and to present a better design effect, we often have meetings with the owner until late at night. Each area, even every line, and size is examined many times.

Chief Designers: Kingdom Kuo