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Pretty lodges built in mountains- layering courtyard


Qionglai, known as Linqiong in ancient times, was an ancient city with a history of more than 2300 years, which was like a pearl inlaid in the western area of Chengdu, constantly emitting its light. In ancient times, the cultural development of Qiongzhou region had been in the primary position in Xichuan area for a long time, which was a remarkable place that produced many outstanding people with cultural prosperity. It's a great honor that Chicheng Design once again undertook the creation and design of the scheme of the whole project of Pretty lodges built in mountains for the phase II residential houses (Integration of landscape and interior products) in 2019.
The development of home stays is a signal of the rise of rural tourism and rural dwellings industry. Different from the city, the rural dwellings have leisure, quiet, ecological and traditional natural and cultural environment. The innovation of this model is a path towards high-quality development of tourism. In rural architecture, Pretty lodges built in mountains are conducive to building and continuing the inner power of rural culture, which should not only innovate to show the characteristics of the style of Han Dynasty and its elegant rhyme, but also be understood and used by modern people. With the development of counter urbanization and the upgrading of tourism market consumption, the project of Pretty lodges built in mountains undertakes the task of revitalizing the rural industry, and carries the task of meeting the high-level market demand after the transformation and upgrading of tourism industry at the same time, which will be a new habitat for farming and studying.


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